" True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves,and the world around us. "
Socrates -- BC 469-399, Greek Philosopher of Athens

Case #6: Soul Rescue of Don


This soul rescue was done for a client of mine, Ann's (not real name) husband Don (not real name) who committed suicide some years ago. As I started conversing with Don, he acted quite angry towards me because he felt I was interfering in his life.

I had to explain to him who I was and what I was doing for him and his family. He questioned my capability of undertaking this responsibility. I tried to put everything in perspective for him as best as I could. I told him that just as some people have a beautiful voice and can sing well, and some others have the ability to play the piano, I on the other, had not been gifted with either of these talents. I explained to him that I had, however, been blessed to carry out the kind of work I do, an ability and a gift that I had carried over and through several lifetimes.

I had to explain to Don that I was doing this to help him see through the emotional personality that he was so determinedly holding onto. I had to make him see how his emotional personality was affecting his son, his wife, the whole house, including himself. I asked him how important it was for him to see his son and Ann happy and safe. He confirmed it was very important.

I pointed out to Don that he was inadvertently creating more disharmony than harmony in the lives of Ann and his son. He did not understand what I meant. I informed him his emotional personality was creating the disharmony through strong vibrational discharges. He said that he was unaware that he was creating any problems and was only trying to make them understand that he was still around, but no one really deemed to acknowledge his opinions.

Once I explained and clarified to him how his well-meant intentions were causing more harm than good, he slowly began to understand my missive. When I felt he was ready and willing, I proceeded to open up the 'White Light Gate' and explained to him that I would be with him guiding him throughout this procedure. I told him that he could hold my hand as I guided him and assured him that I would not release it until he was ready to go. As the Gate was slowly opening up, he covered his eyes for a moment with his hand, temporarily dazed by the brilliance of the Light.

Then, as the Light expanded, he saw his loved ones step forth and reveal themselves to him. There was also a dog that came through to greet him. I found out later that this dog had been his beloved pet in his youth.

I asked Don to experience this loving feeling and let it all wash over him. Once he was ready to leave, I asked if he wished to say goodbye to his son and his wife Ann, and to know that now he had the best of both the worlds. He could still see and know what was going on with his son and Ann, and also be a guide to them if he so chose to be.

I informed him that once he had passed over, he would no longer be ruled by his emotional personality, but would be able to understand unconditional love, free will and free choice in a totally different light. Don thanked me for helping him and his family just before he passed over into the Light.

After Don went "home", I realigned the grid structure and balanced the energies in Ann's house. I also aligned Ann and her son's energy bodies.


"Many individuals don't understand what hauntings are or the presence of ghosts in certain environs. In scenarios of haunting, the strong emotions of the personae are trapped in a time loop and are stuck in performing a seemingly eternal cyclical pattern. Those who understand energy at a deeper level would be suitably armed with the knowledge of how to break this imprisoned capsule of time and free the entity.

"Basically we speak to the emotional entity, NOT the spiritual source. It is NOT the spirit of a soul but rather the residual memory and remnants of the emotions of the personality's existence in the earth life that remains stuck. Emotions more than we know, morph themselves into thought patterns or glue themselves in the etheric field giving the illusion of being charged with holographic life or the phantom appearance of those who once lived."

Manuela Werthwein




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