" You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give. "
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Case #4: Soul Rescue of Judy


A client of mine, Tim (not real name), informed me that he would often think and dream of Judy (not real name), his classmate in grade school. When Judy died many years ago, Tim did not attend her funeral and was ravaged with guilt deep inside ever since. Somehow there was no sense of closure for him around Judy's departure from earthly life.

As I tuned into Judy, I felt her presence engulf me. She began to sob holding her hands to her face. She looked very confused and could not understand why people did not respond to her or so much as glance at her when she spoke to them. When she reached out to touch people close and dear to her, like her family and friends, they would hardly feel anything. It had not dawned on her that she was no longer alive.

When I explained to her that she had passed on and hence no longer visible to most people, the reality of her death struck her like a thousand thunderbolts. She was wracked with tears, confusion, fear and incomprehension. I talked to her very softly and gently to calm her. She did after a while. I began to send her healing and she visibly became much calmer and more at peace. I explained to her how she could meet her loved ones who were on the other side. I guided her to look for a beautiful, radiant White Light Gate that will unite her with her loved ones in the realms beyond. At that very instance, from afar, there was an opening of luminous light that expanded and began to grow bigger and brighter. I held her hand until she was calm and comfortable with the new vision and with what was happening to her.

I then saw her grandmother and some other relatives glide towards her. It was when she saw her relatives so close at hand, welcoming her, radiating warmth, light, homecoming, that we let go of our hands. She floated and flew towards them with a sense of abiding peace. As she was leaving to join her soul family, she turned around one last time and thanked me for freeing her. I watched Judy go through this doorway of brilliant shimmering white light.

"She gave me a gift that will always overwhelm and empower my soul and the work I do. It filled me with a sense of compassion and a deep knowing that our souls do live on forever.

"After this Soul Rescue work to free Judy was completed, I called Tim to explain exactly what had transpired.

"After I hung up the phone I turned on my radio and listened to this message from a group called 'Prairie Oyster':

'She won't be lonely long.
She cried a tear or two,
but now they're shed and gone.
The door is open.
She put one foot after another and walked through.'

"Then I took one of my 'Angel Cards' to get a message and received 'Transformation'.

"What better confirmation and reassurance did I need!

Manuela Werthwein




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