" When we die and go to Heaven, our Maker is not going to say, ' Why didn't you discover the cure for such and such? ' The only thing we're going to be asked at that precious moment is ' Why didn't you become you? ' "
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Case #3: A Distance Healing On A Woman Who was Told by Doctors that She Could Not Conceive a Child


A lady was referred to me because she heard that I was a healer. She had visited several doctors and all of them had diagnosed and reported that she would never be able to conceive a child due to her health issues.

Even though she lived in another province and could not meet me in person, I performed long distance healing work on her. I could clairvoyantly perceive the imbalances within her physical and electromagnetic bodies and began the process of balancing her vibrational frequencies.

I called her on the telephone the next day to enquire of her progress. She stated that she felt all kinds of warm sensations in her body including feeling very peaceful and relaxed.

Three months later I received a call from this lady telling me excitedly that she just found out that she was pregnant! Almost a year later I received the news that she had a beautiful baby boy.


"These are the rewards that I cherish most. A life made easier, a soul more at peace, paving the way for a new life to come to earth, the unbound joy of a new mother now holding her precious bundle in her arms.

"Many people have come to me with serious digestive problems and have found that when they come to me for healing, their stomach and digestion are well balanced and trouble free once again.

"Each time I heal, each time I do energy work, I get in touch with and connected to that realm beyond the physical, a world so dynamic and flowing with vibrant life force, that I feel blessed and honored deep inside when I channel this deep, healing energy to those who need it on my therapy table, and to those across the miles. What better gift than to have this life force work in rhythm and harmony for those who need its healing power."

Manuela Werthwein




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