" Don't let your mind go wandering, it's too small to go out by itself. "
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Case #1: A Nurse Suffering with Scoliosis


A nurse who had heard of my work through word-of-mouth called me to have a healing session. She was desperate to get relief for the Scoliosis that she had been bearing and suffering most of her life. Visits to numerous doctors had proved fruitless and she decided to try out my healing.

I asked her to lie down on my therapy table and began working on her energy fields, namely the electromagnetic fields. I felt no need to touch her body at all. While working on her, she commented that she could feel a gentle pressure in her spine area as I continued my healing. After the healing was complete, she was in absolute awe and told me how wonderful she felt, and that the pain in her back had disappeared.

As an update, I saw her once again, two years after the treatment, and she confirmed that the work I've done for her had improved her life in many, many ways. She had no more back pain. As a nurse, her work demanded being on her feet for interminable hours. The whole therapy had erased her years of suffering and made life and work easier to cope with.




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