" You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give. "
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Auric Clearing


Matter is universal electro-magnetic energy. Everything has this field around it. It is in the stars, the sun as well as every cell within our bodies. Due to environmental and emotional stresses imposed on us daily, the body "banks" these stresses which develop into various diseases. Through Auric Clearing, these stresses may be alleviated, leaving one re-energized and balanced.

In our modern day, we are surrounded by some common, everyday items which produce low-level magnetic frequencies, called ELF's. These items include computers, microwave ovens, cell phones, and televisions. These vibrations develop tears and stagnation, along with producing mucus within the energy fields of the body, thus creating imbalances. By scanning the energy fields and neural nets, Manuela can access and remove major blockages that are electrically attached to the auric field, chakric system, and the nervous system of the body.

"Often clients share during a healing session with me, that they have acutely felt the presence of another set of hands on their bodies, though in reality, I do not physically touch their bodies. I mainly concentrate on harmonizing the energy grids. They have expressed astonishment at this experience, and at the same time have told me that they feel awash in a warm sense of being looked after and taken care of."

Manuela Werthwein




To contact Manuela for a personal healing or reading, send your e-mail to:

" Healing the Body and Mind with Spirit "


Privacy and Confidentiality Policy: Manuela realize's the importance of your privacy and confidentiality, and will not reveal your personal information to anyone else, under any circumstances.

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